domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

Com o tempo, tudo sera entendido..

I'm crying for you and you don't imagine.. You think to we just are friends.. Yes, I know, in the last year you liked to be more to just friends with me, but I'll don't liked in that time .. And now I like to be your girlfriend , and you don't believe in my feelings, you think to is just a joke.. But I swear don't is a kidding, I really like you, sorry again, but I'll never talk to you about my feelings because I don't have certain about your feelings and I don't want to suffer forever .. So.. I think to we'll just be friends forever baby.. And I know, I say everything about we for everybody and I don't have courage to say this for you.. Please, understand me! I love you, but I love you just for me!


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